[CQ-Contest] USA stations in ARRL DX

Eric Irvine vy1ei at arrl.net
Wed Feb 24 20:08:12 PST 2010

Running as VY1EI I had around 100 North American stations call me this past
weekend. I've been using a standard, polite response "W1? VY1 is not DX".
and not logging the QSO. Rather than create confusion by accepting and
logging the QSO and possibly creating an unwanted pileup, I try to educate
and not be rude.
 If someone suggests I should be logging these then I'd have to think about
whether its worth it to run in this contest. As it is, I have to admit I
hate it when I
turn my Yagi SE to do a run into the Caribbean and South America. I know
what I'm going to get, which is lots of NA stations. Its frustrating because
as I'm
starting the run I know I'm going to get more NA than SA stations coming

Still a fun contest though.

BTW, I was thrown off by 3 stations giving me a "JTT" cut number.


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