[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spotting report

Gerry Lynch director at allianceparty.org
Thu Feb 25 09:53:14 PST 2010

> I remember once listening to 8P2A running on 15 SSB.  Someone spotted
> him as AP2A (at a time when the band was closed to that part of the
> world) and all hell broke loose.  he had to find a new freq it got so

We had finally managed to scare up a mini JA run on 160 from G6PZ around
their sunrise time in the last few hours of WWCW last year, and were
particularly hoping that maybe a few other Far East mults would call in.
Then we got bust spotted (and given the nature of the bust, I would
guess possibly by an hyperactive skimmer feed) as EG6PZ. By the time we
began to fight clear of the wall of semi-local 50 over 9 Eu dupes, all
the JAs were gone.

Were we ever likely to be a station in the Balearics rather than the
bust of a well known English multi-op who has been blasting your ears
out for the past two days?  I suppose after 45 hours in the chair,
people weren't thinking all that rationally. 


Gerry GI0RTN

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