[CQ-Contest] arrl dx spotting report

wally wally at el-soft.com
Thu Feb 25 10:16:06 PST 2010

LZ3ND seems to be living in his own contesting world. We have spoken to him
several times about the kind of things he keeps doing. He has no chances for
winning any awards and he's probably doing that for badly understood own
reasons ?

I did not expected similar behaviour from LZ1MS's side. He is a good CW op.,
but not really serious contester. So I guess he has also done this just to
"increase" fun, but is it the way to do it ? 
We'll try to talk to him.

73, Wally LZ2CJ

I wonder how productive that really is, as:
1.  Many stations would log the ZD8, not bothering to listen for an ID.  
Was the LZ smart enough to ID with every QSO?
2.  It will generate many dupes.

I remember once listening to 8P2A running on 15 SSB.  Someone spotted 
him as AP2A (at a time when the band was closed to that part of the 
world) and all hell broke loose.  he had to find a new freq it got so bad.

Barry W2UP

Fabian Kurz wrote:
> K1TTT <K1TTT at ARRL.NET> wrote:
>> [LZ3ND spots]
> This has a log tradition. LZ3ND spots some juicy DX (usually known  
> calls with one letter wrong) on his own frequency and hopes for people  
> to click on the spot and work him.
> While this is intolerable unsportsmaklike conduct, and enough for a DQ  
> IMHO, it goes even further:
> In the 9ACW contest last December I noticed the same, a couple of  
> times. One of the spots was for "ZD8RS"; on the frequency of  
> CT7/LZ3ND. DXsummit confirmed that it was entered from a IP-address  
> from CT. Since this was the 3rd or 4th time that night that I fell for  
> a spot by LZ3ND, I got a little mad and spotted:
> DJ1YFK-@  7004.4 CT7/LZ3ND    not ZD8. Fake spot by LZ3ND.       0121 20
> And went back to my running frequency a few kHz higher. A few minutes  
> later, a station using the callsign "ZD8RS" (which does not exist)  
> called me! If you have heard LZ3ND's CW signal, you know the  
> characteristic sound he has. ZD8RS sounded very familiar, too. I was  
> baffled. Some people have no shame.
> 73, Fabian DJ1YFK

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