[CQ-Contest] Why do we like our favorite contesting mode?

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Mon Jan 4 06:33:32 PST 2010

What Hans said!

I sat here trying to figure out why I ported over from phone contesting to
CW contesting and when I did it.  I have been contesting for 50 years and to
start with I did both. I moved from part of the time to almost exclusive CW
when about 25 years ago.  It may very well be that I did this because of my
ears although I only noticed my lousy hearing about 10 years ago.

But more than that it seems like the phone band became less civil as time
went along. Frankly, I almost always run into someone that takes the fun out
of the contest on the phone band. Maybe the guy that told me the he was
going to follow me around the band and QRM me where ever I go and did..., or
the guy from the Maritime net that told me that they needed 10 KHZ for their
net, or the guys that don't sent their whole call signs or the unruly
pileups. It just doesn't seem like a lot of fun for me on the phone band. I
do admire the guys that do phone contesting, it just doesn't seem like it is
for me.

Bill W5VX

There's more and more of that going around.

In CW mode I can tailor and tweak the sidetone, use APF, and other sorts of 
tricks to "hit the sweet spot" in these old eardrums.

But even with thousands of dollars of "aid and assistance" in each ear, 
phone contests are getting to the point of punishment, not enjoyment.  I'm 
not likely to be in many more. This isn't a "CW snob" thing at all, but a 
simply physical fact.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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