[CQ-Contest] long-time contesters, favorite mode, and missing those old calls.

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Wed Jan 6 10:58:30 PST 2010

The Locust said,
"That being said, I do miss hearing the non-computerized and very distinctive CW fists of W3GRF,
W4KFC, DU7SV and the likes from back in the good old days of CW  contesting {Nostalgic SIGH}."

Yup...agree. This last CQWW CW, I almost fell out of my chair when I heard a T5 note and "XX"

Nah...couldn't be.  It wasn't.  Boy, do I miss hearing FB8XX.  No cluster, no packet, but boy,
once he got the band, instant pileup...nobody had to copy his call...the T5 and fist said it all.

And who can forget the fist (and drift) of SU1IM?  Ibr (another nostalgic sigh)

On another front, I was emailing with a world class "YOUNG" single op about (what else)
contesting and he mentioned UK9AA.  Then I said (more or less) how hard it is for me to hear
UK9AA and not wanting to write down (type) UK9AAN.  But my young friend was clueless.

Oh well....

de Doug KR2Q

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