[CQ-Contest] Did I cheat in NAQP CW?

Julius Fazekas phriendly1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 04:47:56 PST 2010

Using callbook names also can backfire... Some of us do not use our "legal" names. Some change things up just to keep folks honest or is it just to make it interesting? ;o)


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> 1.  IMHO, the callsign history
> feature -- assuming you use only the data you
> have accumulated -- is okay. I don't see that as very
> different from going
> to Dayton every year and getting to know a lot of
> people.  But you use it at
> your own risk when folks do something like use "Ken" in
> memoriam or operate
> from a different state.
> Using the callbook is different.  If everybody used
> it, no one would copy
> exchanges and that's an important part of the game.  
> 2.  The purest of the purists would say make no
> changes to your log once the
> event is over, but a much bigger majority say it's okay to
> check your log
> before you send it in.  (Remember post contest
> duping?)  Just use your own
> notes.  So if the software makes it easier as you log
> subsequent Qs, I'd say
> that's okay.  But I think the post contest log
> checkers go a bit too far.  
> 3.  All of us get unsolicited info once in a
> while.  Just don't solicit it.
> Robert K5PI
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>  #1 is sort-of serious.  #2 is in the
> angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin
> category. #3 is mostly tongue sort-of in cheek.
>  1.  If it's OK to use "call history" files, is it OK
> to look up states in
> the (on-line) callbook.  Why should one list of
> historical data be OK, and
> the other not?  (I did NOT look up anybody's state or
> name in the 'Test.)
> 2.  I worked a guy whose state I know.  And he
> did indeed send that state
> (to me AND to the guy who beat me out on the first
> call).  When I worked him
> on the second band, I knew his state would be a mult. 
> When I typed in his
> call the logging software filled in the report for me, but
> did not indicate
> it was a new mult.  Hmmm?  Oh!  It says
> "MD"  I must have entered his state
> as MD the first time.  I guess I was listening to my
> report being sent while
> I typed in his report, and unconsciously typed in my own
> state.  No
> problem.  I rolled back in the log and fixed his state
> in the first QSO, and
> continued working the 'Test.
> Now, my own opinion is that anything I fix DURING the
> contest is OK -- but I
> had been considering errors that I recognized right
> away.  In this case, I
> would not have noticed the error except for the fill-in
> feature of the
> logging software.
> 3.  Late in the 'Test I made a desperate jump to 40M
> (which was already
> pretty dead by the time I started the 'Test).  I heard
> somebody tuning up,
> and a well-know station in GA called CQ NA.  I
> listened for a moment, and
> heard him get no answers.  So I called him by name,
> and said "You are vy
> loud but nobody is here.  GL"
> Did I make him multi-op?  (He did keep calling
> CQ.)  Should we never give
> ANY info that might help the other guy, including "VY LOUD"
> or (as my buddy
> N6XI once said to me) "P**S WEAK".  BTW, I reserve the
> right to tell N3AM he
> is very loud.  I think that from the top of his tower
> John can see my
> antenna ...if he looks down.
> 73, Art K3KU
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