[CQ-Contest] Did I cheat in NAQP CW?

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Wed Jan 13 01:45:55 PST 2010

Rick Lindquist, WW3DE wrote; "Regarding post-contest log checking, I don't 
feel it's "cheating" to proofread all the entries looking for typos and the 
like - entering "O" when
I really meant to enter "0," for example."

While we are all certainly entitled to our opinions, I strongly disagree! 
All contest's have a specified time frame, and anything done "outside" that 
specified time frame is cheating. I see absolutely no difference between 
"proofreading", and using any kind of assistance, post contest, to insure 
the correctness of ones log? If "listening during off time" is considered 
operating time, why wouldn't "post contest" editing, be considered operating 

"A practice that seems especially prevalent among non-US/VE stations is to
set up the logging software to do an online lookup and insert whatever
appears as your given name on your license record into their reply. This
happens a lot on RTTY, within and outside of contests."

The ability to use previous contest information, "preset exchange from 
ADIF", in the current contest, is contained in most contest logging 
software. If you send in a log, it is in ones best interest to insure that 
what is sent, is what is copied, rather that what may be contained in the 
"preset exchange"> The use of a "name" in RTTY contests has a long history, 
and a "name" database, is maintained by NF4Z. I have no idea where the 
initial information, for that database, came from? I get called by my real 
name, in most contests that require a name, which has no bearing or what 
name I have sent, or what any other station may have copied?

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW 

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