[CQ-Contest] FD Class D CQ (was: Field Day and contesting...)

Thu Jul 1 02:48:18 PDT 2010

Of course there is no rule against D stations working other D stations
anyway, just that those contacts are worth 0 points... just like stateside
working stateside in CQWW DX, those are 0 points also but you do get the
multipliers.  In FD even though there are not official multipliers you will
hear some stations counting sections, telling you that you are a new section
or a new state for them.  So just work them, log them, and move on.

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> Rex said:
> "If   I remember correctly  Once Upon a Time Class D stations were not
> supposed to call CQ ??"
> I don't know about "once upon a time", but the Rules do not disallow it
> now.  I just looked.  The Rules for Field Day are on the ARRL web site ...
> under Contest Rules (this irony has been noted in the past).
> Last year or the year before, after I fiddled in FD for an hour or so at
> home, I suggested that "D" stations not be allowed to call CQ.  Another
> one
> of my unpopular ideas.
> 73, Art K3KU
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