[CQ-Contest] Crowne Plaza pricing

Robert L. Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 07:43:47 PDT 2010

I remember when the Crowne Plaza opened many years ago.  It was nicer than the other
hotels but rooms were also priced about 50% - 100% higher as well (similar to now).  Only a few
contesters stayed there, everyone else opting for the more "reasonably" priced rooms
at the older and more dilapidated hotels further away.

Years later, the Crowne Plaza became the "place to stay", and people were willing
to pay a smaller premium for the convenience and parking and the newness.

Apparently the room pricing cycle has repeated, but without the Crowne Plaza being new.

Incidentally, the $125 room price that someone mentioned in a post, was not terribly higher than
when the Crowne Plaza opened, if memory serves, about 25 years ago.   I think it was about
$75 or $80 per room back then and the unforgettable Admiral Benbo hotel (AKA Sheraton) 
was about $40 per night.

Bob KQ2M

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