Brian Miller brianmiller at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jul 5 04:28:20 PDT 2010

The Oceania DX Contest Committee is pleased to advise that the results
of the 2009 OCDX Contest have been published at
http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/2009_Results.htm .

We had a fantastic turnout for the 2009 event. A total of 999 logs
were processed which sets a new record for participation in the
contest. This is a big step up from the previous record of 783 logs in
2008.  The increased participation is very encouraging, especially
considering that conditions were not much better than those
experienced in 2008. Of particular note is the growth in the number of
logs from Europe, increasing from a total of 383 logs in 2008 to 532
logs in 2009. Oceania activity was also up - from a total of 166 logs
in 2008 to 187 in 2009. As well as the more common VK, ZL, YB and KH6
stations there were a number of rarer Oceania entities active
including 3D2, 9M6, DU, FO8, KH2, P29, and T88.

The conditions were still good enough for several new records to be
set in the 2009 contest.  Of particular note is the outstanding
performance from VK6AA (operator Bernd VK2IA) in the Oceania CW
Single-Op ALL Band category. Bernd's score of 7.17 million easily
beats the previous record of 5.60 million set by KH7X in 2003, and has
significantly raised the bar in this category. Also of note is the
performance of the VK4KW team in the PHONE Multi-Multi category. Their
score of 8.86 million is well ahead of the previous record of 4.99
million set by ZL6QH in 2003.

The next Oceania DX contest will be held on the first two full
weekends of October 2010 as follows:

PHONE:  08:00 UTC Saturday 2 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 3 October
CW:  08:00 UTC Saturday 9 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 10 October

The Contest Committee has received many requests for the
introduction of a low power category and a true 'Multiple-Operator
Single-Transmitter' category. After carefully considering these
requests, and in the interest of encouraging participation, the
Committee has decided to make the following changes to the entry
categories for the 2010 contest:

1. The SINGLE-OP entry category is split into High Power (SINGLE OP
HP) and Low Power (SINGLE OP LP) categories. Total output power must
not exceed 100 Watts in the Low Power category.

2. The MULTI-SINGLE entry category is deleted. It is replaced by the
MULTI-ONE and MULTI-TWO entry categories. The MULTI-ONE category only
permits one transmitted signal at any time. The MULTI-TWO category
permits a maximum of two transmitted signals at any time on different

The 2010 rules also include a new clause clarifying that only one
entry is to be submitted by each operator or team of operators.

The full set of rules for the 2010 contest and other information about
the contest is available from our web site at

Finally and most importantly, thank you to everyone who participated
in the 2009 contest and making it such a success. We look forward to
seeing you again in the 2010 event. Let's hope for a few more sun
spots and better conditions, and make it the biggest Oceania DX
Contest party yet!

73 from

Oceania DX Contest Committee

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