[CQ-Contest] Is anyone else pissed off...

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 5 21:17:53 PDT 2010


   I lived in Ohio for most of my ham life before moving to GA in 2003. I
have missed the Hamvention only once since I was licensed in 1976. Hara
Arena is still the same dump as it was back then.  I never have understood
what attracted people to come to  Dayton , Ohio to an event that is held in
a woefully inadequate arena such as Hara.  For those of you not local to the
area just think about that old 1950's era arena in your town that is run
down that holds events such as gun/knife shows and heavy metal concerts.
That describes Hara Arena perfectly.  The only reason I even bother to go
every year is to see my contesting friends, which I suspect is true for many
of you. If there was another event where I could do this I wouldn't even
bother going.


As far as the hotel prices. there is nothing in Dayton remotely worth close
to $200 per night. The Crowne Plaza and some of the other downtown hotels
that many of the DXers /contesters have stayed at the past have gouged us
for years by jacking up their prices during the Hamvention weekend. They
will continue to do so if we pay the price. Maybe the organizers of the DX
and contest dinner, along with the Contest University should consider moving
their events elsewhere. I can guarantee you the average good old boy ham
isn't going to spend $200 a night to stay downtown and make up for the loss
that CP would face in cancellations if these events were held elsewhere. If
you are like me you are staying at CP to be close to these events.



BTW.One of the best kept secrets here in the SE USA is the Huntsville
Hamfest held on the weekend of August 21-22. It is held at the Von Braun
Civic Center in downtown Huntsville. I attended this hamfest for the first
time a couple years ago and was presently surprised. The arena is very nice
and has an Embassy Suites hotel connected to via a walkway. I think our room
was only $99 per night.  There are many contesters from the SECC,ACG and TCG
that show up. We started an annual Southeast contest dinner last year which
is only going to get bigger and better. Hopefully we will see some of you
there this year.



Jeff KU8E

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