[CQ-Contest] [SPAM] IARU HF zones

Joe nss at mwt.net
Wed Jul 7 06:22:18 PDT 2010

Good point!  COPY WHATS SENT!!!

Especially with me. I want to play in this test.  I have loved this test 
since my beginnings as a Novice doing this test.  It was my first DX 
contest as a Ham, and Still as a Novice even, it was my first contest 
that I broke the 1000 Q's barrier, way back in the paper log and dupe 
sheet days.

But that was when I lived near Chicago and I was in zone 8.

But since 1977  I'm now in Wisconsin,  But in Zone 7!  But many assume 
being a 9 land Call and in Wisconsin, MANY assume that the border is the 
state line, and it is not!  I bet I easily in this contest loose a 10% 
QSO rate confirming that I'm in 07 NOT 08.  Grrrrr,


I don't even know if i can test what the program says I'm in,  anyone 
care to tell me if it does say I'm in 07 or 08?

Still to this day I haven't decided if we are going all out and use the 
club call W9ET,  or just Use my own and give out points WB9SBD,  anyone 
care to see if either shows up at all and if so what zone it says I'm in?


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On 7/6/2010 11:56 PM, Radio K0HB wrote:
> Seen in a recent message from ARRL, relative to the upcoming IARU HF
> contest.....
>> Jim AD1C reports that the Country (CTY) Files used by many
>> logging programs were updated on 01 July 2010. These are
>> particularly important during IARU HF because of the use
>> of ITU Zones (not CQ Zones). He request, "Please test
>> this BEFORE the IARU Contest starts. I don't have all the
>> different logging programs to check for errors. "
> [tic]
> Why would that matter?  Don't you just copy what is sent?
> [/tic]
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