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Actually, getting the precise zone is quite important because of the zone-based scoring (1 pt same zone/3 points other zones). I bet that if you are in zone 10, your score will be higher by 15-20% compared to zone 6.

In the past, the ARRL had a list which precisely defined what parts of which states were in which zone. No part of AZ was in zone 10 ! It seems that the list was removed when the ARRL website was revamped, but you can still get it at:


Then I found


which references a map 


and "corner coordinates" at


But I think those are actually "test points" for evaluating signal strengths, and not on the boundaries of zones. If you plot some of them (for example the SW quadrant of zone 8 where I am), you will see they are not at all the boundaries. Also notice for example that the east boundary of zone 7 does not correspond to the west boundary of 8 in that list.

So which one should we use? I'd be happy to put myself in zone 7 according to the "corner coordinates" referenced and get a 20% increase in score :)


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> I don't believe that the precise ITU zone borders are what
> the contest 
> sponsors expect you to use.  If they were, I would be
> in zone 10, not 
> zone 6.  Besides, how could anyone actually know what
> zone they are in 
> if they were close to a line that didn't follow a political
> border?  
> I've seen some pretty detailed official ITU zone maps but I
> still can't 
> determine exactly where the dividing line is as it crosses
> southern 
> Arizona.  Even if I could find the coordinates for the
> endpoints of the 
> ITU boundary lines, I'd have to calculate the coordinates
> for any other 
> point on the line.  I seriously doubt anyone expects
> us to do that.
> Yes, we all should copy what is sent, but when someone
> doesn't send what 
> they are supposed to it creates needless confusion. 
> In my opinion, you 
> needlessly bring that lost QSO rate upon yourself.
> I've sent an email to KX9X asking him to clarify this issue
> for the 
> upcoming IARU contest and maybe he will reply.
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E
> On 7/7/2010 6:22 AM, Joe wrote:
> > But since 1977  I'm now in Wisconsin,  But
> in Zone 7!  But many assume
> > being a 9 land Call and in Wisconsin, MANY assume that
> the border is the
> > state line, and it is not!  I bet I easily in
> this contest loose a 10%
> > QSO rate confirming that I'm in 07 NOT 08. 
> Grrrrr,
> >
> >    
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