[CQ-Contest] Fw: Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Sun Jul 11 12:12:40 PDT 2010

For those interested in "slicing and dicing" the statistics from Martin's 
website, I created an Excel workbook with the information. There are sorting 
buttons that may help identify trends or whatever. Have at it...

Available via this Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/26m23o7

or this direct link:


Martin, feel free to post this workbook on your website if you believe there 
is any interest.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F

> Hi Al!
> Wow! Nice to hear that then, since that means no impact on the top ten at 
> least.
> Thx for the info!!
> Regards to yo all.
> Martin, LU5DX
> www.5bits.net/lu5dx
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F
>       Hi Martin,
> Thank you very much for Great Job you do
> R36F is on place 27
> Propably he have more spots from UA9s because he is from UA9 and turning 
> ant to
> UA9 more often? :-)
> Spots not help anyway like you see
> Many calls is known anyway
> Lets see what judging committee will do
> Willy is not identify anybody like you see and he spot lot other teams 
> also
>       73            Al 4L5A
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F
>> Howdy Hans.
>>  That's correct. 21 more spots respect to the second most spotted 
>> station.
>> 21%. And that 21 % was produced only by Willy UA9BA and Igor UA9CDC.
>> No wonder, since Willy publicly indicated that he was going to over spot 
>> the
> UA
>> team over the others, no only that,  he encouraged other rusian stations 
>> to
>> favor the UA team.
>> I listened throughout the contest using an SDR receiver located in The
>> Netherlands and everytime R36F was spotted a big pile up of UA stations 
>> would
>> start to call, those pile ups lasted for at least 10 mins even in bands 
>> where
>> other R3 stations where operating due to poor propagation.
>> Being each team so close to each other, this 21 extra spots produced at 
>> least
> a
>> couple of hundred of QSOs with only UA stations that already were aware 
>> of the
>> situation.
>> To me R36F should not receive the credit of the possition they  will end 
>> up
>> the log checking. I already know that will not be the case though. Too 
>> bad
> this
>> is happening. Too sad indeed
>> Regards!
>> Martin, LU5DX
>> www.5bits.net/lu5dx
>> PS: With competition being so stiff, something that will produce even a 
>> few
>> bunch of Qs in favor of just one team respect to the others deserves to 
>> be
>> considered as an unfair method to prevail in a competition. Specially,
>> considering all this procedure was made public before the contest.
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