[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Mon Jul 12 10:49:08 PDT 2010

Feeding So to one nationality by spotting is not a reflection upon the 
operators of  WRTC and they should not be penalized.
When you hear a friend on during a contest and you want to help him by 
spotting, this is not unsportsmanlike conduct.
 However, everyone knows  the committee of WRTC  goes to great lengths to 
avoid the recognition of the teams and favoritism of one nationally over 
another is forbidden and a violation of the spirit of WRTC.
 It  is supposed to be a test of operating skill, and sometimes luck that 
everything works.
To break the spirit of WRTC  by spotting one  set of participants over 
another is a tarnish on the amateur radio contesting community.
The individuals who did this unsportsmanlike conduct should be banned from 
further international contesting. Let them go and corrupt some other 
Doing  your own thing is fine, as long as you do not pollute and spoil life 
for others.
> On 7/11/2010 10:21 PM, Carol Richards wrote:
>> I have been reading the comments posted and I would like to add my $.03 
>> (inflation).worth.
> [snip]
>> 4. As for ways to acomplish this fact, suggestions have been proposed to 
>> eliminate the "recognition factor" with the use of technology. ( 
>> pre-recorded .wav files, the
>>      mandatory use of F-1 - F-12 keys, etc. ) I contend that such 
>> impositions will be counter-productive to the basic premise of WRTC; 
>> i.e., the emphasis on operating
>>      skills.
> Agreed!  Good "Mic" work is just as much a skill as good CW work! You
> can hear them all the same strength,  yet one guy sounds hurried and un
> organized,  yet the other seems relaxed to the point of almost going to
> sleep  yet he/she is soo efficient they are making twice as many
> contacts because of nice smooth operation.
>> "Cheerleading" is always a factor in competion. The Super Bowl, the World 
>> Series, the World Cup etc. are prime examples of its' influence. Even the 
>> so-called "home venue" may have some effect on the outcome of an event. 
>> Cheerleading has become an accepted practice.
> In addition,  OK, R36F was figured out who the team was that was
> operating it, and all their friends started to spot them. as
> Martin, LU5DX says,
> """
> Howdy Hans.
> That's correct. 21 more spots respect to the second most spotted station. 
> That's
> 21%. And that 21 % was produced only by Willy UA9BA and Igor UA9CDC.
> No wonder, since Willy publicly indicated that he was going to over spot 
> the UA
> team over the others, no only that,  he encouraged other rusian stations 
> to
> favor the UA team."""
> So  there ya go guys. Level the playing field? Once you are absolutely
> sure who is "Your Team"  start spotting them!  Get in the game as a
> spectator just like any other sport  the home team and or the spectator
> factor.
> You may not have been chosen to go and operate there.  But is there
> anything against the rules about you helping them out with spots when
> needed? If it was all legal for the UA's to do it,  well,  we did not,
> as K's. Our teams loss?  maybe?  in the spirit of the competition?
> Probably not.  But to take it again to the Olympics comparison.
> When we here in the USA obeyed the laws and rules of the Olympics on in
> that all competitors must be amateurs,  and of course we would a lot get
> our butts handed to us by the soviet bock countries and their
> "Amateurs"  When the Olympics finally got to the point of being send us
> your best  pro or not is when the playing field truly got leveled.
> Think Basketball and Hockey.  Think we'd have any chance with our
> amateurs against the rest of the worlds pros out there?
> If you wanted team USA to win in this contest, and everyone else is
> cheerleading,  should you help?  I don't know.  It's hard to say.  Some
> want to win at all costs.  Cheating is even OK if it gives me a win type
> of person. And we all know those are out there.  But how shallow of a
> win is that?
> We all can just ignore the cheerrleading factor and ignore that R36F
> takes first place and that the second place is truly the winner?  I
> don't know.
> Other than joining in and cheerlead your team,  I really don't see
> another way to fix this and again level out the field,  Of course then
> if every W/K station chipped in and cheerleaded  like wow  hows that for
> un level field true?
> Joe WB9SBD
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