[CQ-Contest] List of WRTC stations / Results /Overspotting and its impact

Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX lu5dx at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 05:57:30 PDT 2010

Howdy guys.
The full list of teams and their R3 callsigns and the WRTC results is available 
The cheerleading or over-spotting of certain stations generated a great deal of 
email traffic on the reflector and outside of it.
One thing must be clear. The WRTC operators are not responsible at all  for 
what’s going on in “the outside world” unless they do something out of the rules 
to identify themselves.
But the fact is, the spots generated by their friends have a great impact on 
their performance.
I was listening twenty hours out of the twenty four, and since I was monitoring 
my DTS that was grabbing DX clusters data to generate the hourly spots 
statistics it was WAY VERY noticeable how the traffic increased when a given 
station was spotted. Instantly a nice mini pile up would generate and in spite 
of what has been said here, it was not only of five to ten stations (which 
already has an impact on the overall results considering that the top ten 
stations came in so close from each other. Not to mention the top three!!), but 
these mini pile up lasted from five to ten minutes.
Also it was said here in the reflector that several stations were heard calling 
CQ with no takers: that is also true! And if you consider the cheerleading the 
impact of the gap it generates is really bad for this stations with no QSO 
This has nothing to do with the recognition the wining team deserves at all. 
They are true champions they are top notch operators, but facts are facts and my 
intentions is only to help if I’m able to help at all to improve for future 

To me and to many WRTC 2014 started right after WRTC 2010 ended. So please 
consider this just as data abstracted of who was who and take it as an example 
of something that needs to be worked out for the next Big Event of Ham Radio 
Contesting. That’s it.
Winning Station 100 DX spots.
2nd place Station  86 spots.
3rd place Station  86 spots.
The top station received 16.27% more spots. 
Should credit be taken away from them. Not at all. They were playing by the 
Should rules be reviewed to avoid this. Certainly yes. There is a real impact of 
this factor on the competition.
You may say, well but the third team made more Qs even with fourteen spots less. 
Well, they simply rock just like the other top teams, but that’s not the case.  

Just like the Russians eliminated the factors regarding unequal terrain 
characteristics and unequal antenna set up, it would be simple as great as what 
they did if we can eliminate whatever factors do not help to make WRTC even 
better than it is now.
All the Russian people did way beyond what everyone could have thought of to 
make the playing field the most leveled ever. They really deserve all our 
recognition for that. From the organizing committee till every single field 
Vy 73.
Martin, LU5DX


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