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> I really don't see the impact of cheeleading or overspotting for R36F that
> some made such a big fuzz about...they came in No. 26!.. What great 
> impact?
> Maybe their friends tried to help them but to no avail, it had no impact. 
> At
> the end operator skill won, not spotting or overspotting. Spotting or
> overspotting did not make RW1AC/RA1AIP winners, they did it by themselves.
> Lets no demerit their skills.
> 73 de HK3CW Rob

There was no impact, Rob.  LU5DX has decided to create a controversy where 
none exists, and his jeremiads have unfortunately drawn attention to him and 
away from the 48 fine teams of amateurs who actually PARTICIPATED in the 

Rather than a "broadcast" of his "pseudo charges" to the entire contesting 
universe, his suspicions should rather have been directed to the event 
organizers for their examination before casting a worldwide flap which could 
only distract from the event.

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