[CQ-Contest] List of WRTC stations / Results /Overspottinganditsimpact

Steve Hanlon asciibaron at verizon.net
Wed Jul 14 05:44:34 PDT 2010

work SS on a Sunday and have someone spot you - you will magically have a rate.  that should be proof enough that spotting has a correlation to number of stations logged.

but i really don't see the point of all this - if the WRTC wants things to be fair, than they should simply spot each station every 15 minutes.  there, problem solved.  

-Steve, WM3O

On Jul 14, 2010, Julius Fazekas <phriendly1 at yahoo.com> wrote: 

The scientist in me wants to see numerical proof that one spot, or even ten spots, variation made any difference to the scores.

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