[CQ-Contest] Reasonable expections... was Cheerleaders and the impact

John Geiger aa5jg at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 07:16:10 PDT 2010

--- On Wed, 7/14/10, Ryan Jairam <rjairam at gmail.com> wrote:

> Point is, I don't see the big deal about log massaging. Its
> not
> against the rules of any contest as far as I'm aware,

I really don't care one way or the other about this issue, but I was thinking the same thing that you were. The rules are quiet about this issue.  I just looked over the IARU contest rules (I was surprised I could find them as quickly as I could on the crummy new ARRL website) and some parts of the rules that might be relevant say:

"5.3. A complete exchange must be logged for each valid QSO"

However, it doesn't say that the exchange must be correct for it to be a valid QSO, which would allow for fixing errors later.  

But the general rules for ARRL contests say that "3.2.All callsigns and exchange information must be sent, received, acknowledged and logged correctly by each station for a complete QSO."

But is this an ARRL contest?  I thought the IARU contest was sponsered by the IARU, not the ARRL.  I can see that maybe US stations would be bound by this general rule, but what about stations outside the US?  If it really is an IARU contest, any foreign station couldn't be bound by an ARRL rule, and it is questionable if stations in the US could be bound by it as well.  It also says that contest specific rules take precedence over these general rules, so there might be a conflict between the 2 as well.

"10.1. Entries must be postmarked or emailed no later than 30 days after the end of the contest (1200 UTC August 10, 2010)"

It doesn't say anything about what could or could not be done during those 30 days.  This long of a deadline does kind of suggest that 1200Z on July 11 isn't the complete end of the contest in terms of reporting.

73s John AA5JG


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