[CQ-Contest] List of WRTC stations / Results /Overspotting, and its impact

Richard F DiDonna NN3W richnn3w at verizon.net
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> I'm sympathetic to this issue and I found the per-game exhortations from
> UA9BA to be distasteful, but I don't think that it is practical or even
> desirable to try to filter WRTC spots.
Hate to say it, but for about 70% of the QSOs made  by WRTCs, the issue of 
spotting and cheerleading is already moot - courtesy of Skimmer.  If you 
were Multi-single or entered assisted, you had full access to the Cluster 
and Skimmer.  And, Skimmer (as far as we know) doesn't cheerlead....

73 Rich NN3W

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