S56A s56a at bit.si
Sat Jul 17 09:42:59 PDT 2010

N6TJ wrote:  It's late, and now every time I read the word DUPE, it's 
increasingly looking like I wrote DOPE.

Leave "DUPE"!  It makes us Slavs laugh as it means "ASS" in our languages 

"DOPE" could be better associated with schizofrenic SO2R and 48 hours awake 
madness.  Just survived 24 hours of two independent audio streams as WRTC 

I am glad our hobby has K1JT, K1TTT and other tech gurus!  CQ WW made right 
step with advanced EXTREME category.  We kept our heads in sand about DX 
Cluster for 25 years and now comes surprise about some bad side effects.  I 
enjoy spotting and sharing rare DX .  In the best tradition of WRTC Olympian 

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU, MSc EE retired

P.S.  I am programming again after almost 20 years.  It is entirely 
different environment now and I can hardly cope.  But I know the change is 
for better as I enjoy freedom of information over internet as never before! 
Long live CW :-(

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