Kenneth Silverman kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 13:41:11 PDT 2010

>> They're happy, and I'm left with a DUPE.  Wonderful.  My only solution
>> then
>> is to QSY.  Then watch the DUPES disappear (for awhile, at least)
>ONLY if you DON'T have the skill to know how to deal with it... ID more
>often, call a couple CQ's with your call 2 or 3 times, and just work the
>dupes that don't listen and get them out of the way... while adding a
>comment about what your real call is again.

I remember one busted spot on me where I tried IDing more often, QRS to 20
WPM, kept sending my call, but the same BIG USA multi-op stations kept
calling, completely ignoring what I was sending.  The problem is not only
the casual ops - the problem of not listening extends to the highest level
of stations.  In this particularly bad event (busted packet pileup), I QRS'd
to 15-20 WPM, kept sending my call, but the same big-gun USA stations kept
calling.  When that didn't get them to listen I QRQ'd and worked them.

Jim, in the data I've looked at the dupe rate doesn't appear to be impacted
significantly by busted spots.  It appears to be the average DX chaser who's
not calling in a busted packet pileup that's not using computer logging,
doesn't use dupe check, or typed in the call incorrectly the first/second
time etc.  Mostly I believe they are honest mistakes made by the multitude
you want calling in the first place.  For most of the Team Vertical
operations, dupe rates have been in the 4-6% range regardless of the op,
style of operating or the number of times the call is sent.

73, K2KW
aka BY2A/6Y2A etc

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