Ken Claerbout k4zw at comcast.net
Sat Jul 17 15:29:34 PDT 2010

>I remember one busted spot on me where I tried IDing more >often, QRS to 20 
>WPM, kept sending my call,

Suspect it's happened to many of us at one time or another.  You know you've 
been spotted with a busted call, you are very deliberate sending your call, 
trying to tell those calling I'm really XX0XXX, but they don't listen.  We 
all want to keep the rate up, work a new one, or beat our buddy in the 
pile-up.  Just wish more people would avoid the impulse to "click and call" 
(ready..fire..aim), and LISTEN first.

>73, K2KW
>aka BY2A/6Y2A etc

And this is one that really drives me bonkers.  How many times have we seen 
the 6Y guys busted as BY?  So BY2A is spotted on 40 or 80 meters at 05:00 
UTC.  It never dawns on the person making the spot or the ensuing masses 
calling, that it's mid-day in China and there is not going to be a path to 
the US on 40 or 80.  Plus the "BY" station is S9.  Clues folks!  Just a 
little common sense or awareness of the situation would go a long way.

Now back to grilling brats and drinking beer.  Enjoy the summer!

Ken K4ZW 

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