[CQ-Contest] WPX CW 2010 Raw Claimed Scores

Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 18 09:01:53 PDT 2010

Thank you Randy! that is a very welcome large bunch of information.

Certainly urges one to attain more, and work at getting a higher score, next time.

Difficult to express the grattitude adequately to equal the effort by those that do, to make available the playing field for all of us to play in.

thank you, and all your teammates that do all the work,

--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

> The raw claimed scores for the WPX CW Contest 2010 are now available online
> at 
> http://www.cqwpx.com/claimed.htm?mode=cw
> The listing shows raw scores as calculated by the log checking software
> prior to any checking. This should give participants a good indication of
> their category placement at the World, Continent, or Country level. Score
> reductions of 2% to 15% (or more) are possible, so we will have to wait for
> the log checking process before final results can be announced.
> There are 3,520 logs represented. This includes all but 10-15 paper logs
> that are still in the typing process.
> Scores can be sorted by continent and category. A search function is
> included so you can quickly locate a particular score.
> Thanks to everyone who participated in the WPX CW Contest this year.
> Conditions were not the best, but we still came very close to meeting the
> record log submissions from last year.
> 73,
> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
> Director - CQ WPX Contest
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