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Here is the problem that I see from your end, and there are no flames
The first thing I will comment about is the BIG USA multi-op stations kept
calling, completely ignoring what I was sending. Well, first of all remember
this, if you are one of the operators in a BIG USA multi-op station, I can
assure you that you are in the category of "one of the best of the best". If
not, you would not be in one of the chairs at these BIG USA multi-op
stations. There is no secret to why they always finish at the top of the
heap. GREAT Operators! Experienced operators! Great teamwork! Etc.etc.etc.
I am fortunate enough to be one of the ops in a BIG USA Multi-op, and I
remember the many, many, many busted spots on you. Here is what happens,
everyone sees the busted spot, but may not immediately know it is busted,
maybe the band is just getting ready to open to Asia and a BY2 is a
possibility. (In case you don't know it, the BIG USA multi-ops have
equipment, antennas, operators, etc that can hear stations that other
stations cannot hear. (If you can't hear them, you cannot work them!) That
being said, the multiplier station will go to all spots and check them out.
The BIG USA multi-op stations are not worrying about being beat out in a
pile-up, they know they are loud, and at worst, they may have to wait in
line for 4 or 5 calls to work you, yeh, believe it or not, we can hear the
other BIG USA multi's calling you) they are loud and they know it. We are
loud and we know it.
Here is the problem, and I will cut and paste your own quoted words from
"ID more often, 
"I remember one busted spot on me where I tried IDing more often"
Humm?? What happened to IDing after every QSO? The BIG BOYS can copy your
call and know the difference between a BY2A/6Y2A etc. but only if you take
the time to ID.
Listen to every single BIG USA multi-op station on their run frequency,
every one of them ID's on every QSO, I repeat EVERY QSO, did you read that
"ID on EVERY QSO". The BIG USA multi-op stations do not have your problem,
WHY, they ID on every QSO!!
But when you go on and on and on, and don't respond to me (or other BIG USA
Multi's) sending ur call? Ur call? (AND I know I am loud, you are 20 over
and I am pointing 6 over 6 over 6 at you at full legal limit, and you don't
send your call back, I look at it this way:
You get what you deserve, don't blame it on anyone but yourself. You are in
such a hurry to save time and keep that rate up, that you forget about the
poor guy that wants to work you. If the BIG BOYS can't get you to send your
call, live with it, stop complaining and log the DUPES.
Oh yeh, if you need to QRS to below 20 WPM, you are definitely not talking
about the BIG USA multi station Operators, I believe most of them can copy
at least 40-50 and higher WPM huh? 
90% of your whole problem would have been averted if you had simply ID'd
after every QSO.
I really find it funny when anyone beats up the BIG USA multi-op stations,
you just don't have a clue. We are having fun, laughing and having a great
time because we know this one great fact - all of the BIG USA multi-op
stations know this - we have fun because it's "ONLY A HOBBY".

Paul K2DB

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>> They're happy, and I'm left with a DUPE.  Wonderful.  My only solution
>> then
>> is to QSY.  Then watch the DUPES disappear (for awhile, at least)
>ONLY if you DON'T have the skill to know how to deal with it... ID more
>often, call a couple CQ's with your call 2 or 3 times, and just work the
>dupes that don't listen and get them out of the way... while adding a
>comment about what your real call is again.

I remember one busted spot on me where I tried IDing more often, QRS to 20
WPM, kept sending my call, but the same BIG USA multi-op stations kept
calling, completely ignoring what I was sending.  The problem is not only
the casual ops - the problem of not listening extends to the highest level
of stations.  In this particularly bad event (busted packet pileup), I QRS'd
to 15-20 WPM, kept sending my call, but the same big-gun USA stations kept
calling.  When that didn't get them to listen I QRQ'd and worked them.

Jim, in the data I've looked at the dupe rate doesn't appear to be impacted
significantly by busted spots.  It appears to be the average DX chaser who's
not calling in a busted packet pileup that's not using computer logging,
doesn't use dupe check, or typed in the call incorrectly the first/second
time etc.  Mostly I believe they are honest mistakes made by the multitude
you want calling in the first place.  For most of the Team Vertical
operations, dupe rates have been in the 4-6% range regardless of the op,
style of operating or the number of times the call is sent.

73, K2KW
aka BY2A/6Y2A etc

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