S56A s56a at bit.si
Mon Jul 19 00:15:21 PDT 2010

N6TJ wrote:  Oh to be young again.  I should know better, but Tonno,  I have 
no clue as to your age or as to when you started this seriously.

Jim, with all due respect, you should know better!  I am sure you know who 
N5TJ & K1TO are.  ES5TV & ES2RR just achieved highest multiplier and SSB 
scores at WRTC-2010.  RU1A crew beat ES team by 0,02% having more QSO 
points.  Your best countrymen were WWYC N6MJ & KL9A.  These youngsters are 
the future of modern radio contesting.  Not OF whinning against DXC and CW 
Skimmer.  They are not hiding in SA/AF but competing openly in Dayton 
pile-ups and WRTC.  I am sure they will embrace my CW Expert robot to have 
more fun in this game.  Just like computer chess support.

73 de Mario, S56A

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