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I think you understand that by huge contribution I mean the increased rate and interest for casual ops. That has nothing to do with allowing WRTC ops to use packet. As far as we believe that un-assisted operation is the true measure of skills and that is the agreed format of WRTC then that is perfectly OK. But of course we don't have to force the casual ops to work without packet.

As for your question about the number of spots and their effect I don't have a good answer. I thought about it previously. Of course it is true that WRTC stations benefitted hugely from spots and each spot has positive effect on the number of QSOs. I just can't say for sure if given the diminishing rate of return those extra 20 or so spots would have given us the needed 11 QSOs. I think probably yes but it is just a wild guess. 

What is more important than number of spots is the number of local (Russian) QSOs. Given that winners had 50% more spots by Russians then probably they have more Russian QSOs. Still, it does not diminish the value of their victory to any extent. That is simply the environment and rules framework we were in.

So you and others are correct saying that probably the playing field can be leveled even more by somehow completely eliminating the identification through SSB accent. So far still, I have not heard or come up myself with any idea that would seem better than current setup.

But after all, we have 4 years now to think about it. I am sure we will come up some smart ideas:)


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> But this is Contest reflector and what concerns contesting
> it is clear that spotting is here to stay and that is a huge
> contribution to make the contests fun for all of us.

This statement from Tõnno ES5TV raises a few questions -

Why, in spite of the "huge contribution" due to spotting, is
it still not permitted for WRTC operators?

Do you accept that if you (ES5TV/ES2RR) had a few more spots
(or the same number of spots as RW1AC/RA1AIP) in WRTC, you
would be champions - rather than RW1AC/RA1AIP?

What, then, would that tell us about WRTC being a true measure
your (ES5TV/ES2RR) operating skills?

And if WRTC is not a true measure of operating skills, what do
you believe is preventing this?

Paul EI5DI

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