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Hi Joe 
Try the CN2R website - some excellent snippets - 

Trent VK4TI 

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Speaking of recordings,

I'm working on giving a contesting presentation at several of the local 
clubs in my area.

I would love to be able to play for them  what a pile up at the 
receiving end sounds like.

and or how about the competitions held at Dayton also, are there any 
sound files out there of past years.

I'd think it would be cool for these people to hear what it sounds like 
from the other end.  especially with a top notch operator  working the pile.

anyone know where I could get such a file?


The Original Rolling Ball Clock
Idle Tyme

On 7/19/2010 7:31 PM, Jeff Kinzli N6GQ wrote:
> Howdy contesters,
> I've tried various methods to record contests over the past few years
> with varying degrees of success. My experience so far is that
> software-based recordings do not work well. You end up with memory
> leaks, bugs that crash either the recording app, or the whole OS, or
> related problems. I've tried all the obvious ones (wintest recording,
> recording via various Windows apps, tried a Mac too with various
> recording softwares, etc.).
> I am thinking a dedicated hardware-based recorder would be the way to
> go. I've been talking with a few folks that have used them in the past
> with again, varying degrees of success.
> I wonder if anyone on the list has had any good success with any
> off-the-shelf digital voice recorders, digital music recorders, etc.
> that can:
> 1. Go the full 48 hours without needing attention
> 2. small enough to carry in carry-on luggage
> 3. Don't break the bank
> 4. Don't require a PC (the logging computer is just for logging, nothing else)
> The music type recorders would fit the bill except most I've seen are
> focused on high sampling rates for quality and so this takes a lot of
> storage, and this isn't needed for a SSB or CW contest. They are also
> rather expensive, and most seem relatively untested past 1 or 2 hours
> of recording time.
> Even with the marginal results I've had with recordings so far, they
> have been of immense value after the contest to improve operator
> skills. I would encourage others to try it out and listen afterwards
> to see how you can improve your skills. It's amazing what you hear (or
> don't hear) the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time around :)
> 73,
> Jeff N6GQ
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