[CQ-Contest] Speed Change Prevents Skimmer Spot

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 00:16:14 PDT 2010

"Thanks for the tip on how to defeat the skimmer.  You may rest assured I'll be changing speeds between test and call this November.  Since you all are so into 'technology upgrades', any further SDU (Skimmer Defeat Upgrades) will be gratefully received by many." -- N6TJ

Excellent. Coincidentally, in the recent IARU activity, I set my NA software to send "599" at lightning speed, followed by a more sedate "8." Then it occurred to me that, duh, the op at the other end is expecting "8," too, so I turned up the speed on that. No problema. Not a single person asked me to repeat the 8. My whole exchange was just a machine-gun-like blur of dits and dahs.

For years I have spaced out, my call sign that is ... K1 space T space N ... So I've been ahead of the curve on that.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City

(New 125 foot centerfed, goodbye end-fed wire as of today.) 

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