[CQ-Contest] no no no...it MUST be 579 (was 599)

S56A s56a at bit.si
Fri Jul 23 00:15:08 PDT 2010

K8MR wrote: If you give him a 33(9) and bust his info, it may be partly the 
other guy's  fault for being so weak, or the fault of neither of you that 
there was  so much QRM and QRN,  so therefore not so much of a reflection on 
your skills.

Actual RST would be great contribution to our continous research of 
ionospheric propagation.  Contesters simply ignore that!
Fortunately VE3NEA launched CW Skimmer and now we have great database of 
worldwide signal-to-noise ratios.
As of yesterday, CW Expert robot in DOS mode is active again using 
Soundblaster instead of 1991 TI DSP board.

73 de Mario, S56A

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