[CQ-Contest] no no no...it MUST be 579 (was 599)

mike l dol dormann w7dra at juno.com
Fri Jul 23 09:36:34 PDT 2010

 My two favorite "contests" right now are SKCC and CX.  In both; 
seemingly accurate RSTs transferred. 

When I work a CQWW or an ARRL DX  from my house in Burien, WA, 90% of all
contacts are at an RST level of 339 to 459 at the max

my last DX pidition (ZK1DRA) 90% of all stations heard were 589 to 599+,
QRN zero, QRM unbelievable

But the 5NN has a long history, in 1953 at W7AW/7, some operators used to
give out "579 WASH" to all CW contacts

mike w7dra

O> Actual RST would be great contribution to our continous research of 
> ionospheric propagation.  Contesters simply ignore that!
> Fortunately VE3NEA launched CW Skimmer and now we have great 
> database of 
> worldwide signal-to-noise ratios.
> As of yesterday, CW Expert robot in DOS mode is active again using 
> Soundblaster instead of 1991 TI DSP board.
> 73 de Mario, S56A
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