[CQ-Contest] State of the email list (reflector)

km9m-zig at comcast.net km9m-zig at comcast.net
Fri Jul 23 20:47:08 PDT 2010

John, you're right regarding nasty-grams and to think before hitting the send key. 
Most lists like these are moderated, these moderators exercise great restraint. 
You exercise more than I ever would have, and that's a tip of the hat to you guys. 

Some of my thoughts on the past and present: 

If you can't or don't want to be part of a moderated forum (sterilized in someone's opinion), 
start your own, or find one that suits your liking. I don't think they're asking for too much here. 

This is not the vhf reflector, and I personally could care less what goes on there. 
I do care about here. (CQ-Contest) 

I believe in airing opinions and grievances, (I am here) but it seems that all some of you guys do.. 
the same piss and moan session every season, after every contest. 
If you're truly that unhappy, write a letter to the particular contest sponsor. 

Most everyone at some time has said or agreed to the premise we need to bring "new blood" 
into the hobby. Tonight we hear from "a kid" that is already fed up with all the b.s. that's been 
going on here and contesting in general. 

I'm not looking for a fight, or to tick people off. (but it's going to happen) A return to civility and 
constructive discussions on contesting would be nice. As far as "ie", etc in contest rules.... 
do we really need to hire attorneys to tell us what the "spirit of the rules" mean? 

Zig - KM9M 
below the lil pistol tier of stations 

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