[CQ-Contest] Consider This Fellow Contesters

W7VJ w7vj at millerisar.com
Fri Jul 23 21:05:59 PDT 2010

I agree with Steve, though my sense is that this is not just in contesting,
but sadly a reflection of society.  We can choose to add to the malaise, or
endeavor to rise above it.  And, if one reaches a tolerance limit, to
Steve's point, one ignores it all and moves on without the Constest

Someone recently reminded us that "it's only a hobby."  Yet there is so much
personal investment (not just financial, but emotional, and time invested,
that for some it ceases to be "only a hobby."  Add to that, that in our ever
competitive environment, many of us seem at the trigger's edge to attack
someone else for trying to gain the upper hand, infringe on one's "rights,"
values, or (fill in the blank).  This is only an observation, and by no
means condoning any of these ills.  As noted, one contributes the issue,
rises above it, or leaves altogether.  That is a personal decision.

It depends how you define "traditionally". In the past ten years CQ-Contest
become very divisive and negative. If you go back to the early years 
(1991-1996), it was an inviting place for contesters to help each other, 
encourage newcomers, and trade war stories. Now a lot of that helpfulness
moved to other reflectors, such as 3830, TowerTalk, and Topband. Many, many 
contesters don't even read CQ-Contest anymore because of what it has become.


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