[CQ-Contest] Age related problems in FT1000?

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 17:46:07 PDT 2010

Hi John

Another common fault with the 1000 is with the bearings in the VFO
when used in a contest setting.  Consider for a moment what a "well
loved" radio goes through.  After a few years, the bearings in the VFO
go, and the VFO does not work as well as it once did. I should add -
this not only happens to the FT-1000, but a few other radios as well.
I have read a few comments on 3830 about this issue, and saw it first
hand at a multi-multi I visited.

While the 1000 is a great contest radio as you pointed out, 20 years
of constantly spinning the dial takes its toll...

Tom - VE3CX

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 1:31 PM, John Geiger <aa5jg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have started to see some really good deals show up on the Yaesu FT1000 (the straight 1000, not the MP).  If I remember correctly, this model came out in 1990, so it is 20 years old or so by now.  Are there any common age related problems showing up in the FT1000 models?
> 73s John AA5JG

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