[CQ-Contest] Age related problems in FT1000?

Rich K2WR k2wr at njdxa.org
Sat Jul 24 11:54:14 PDT 2010

The following age-related problems have been reported in older FT-1000's and various organs... I mean, sub-systems.

Arthritis in main tuning knob. (Use mineral oil with glucosamine.)
Dimming of display (may be treated by optharadimologist)
Radio may forget sub-menu settings (known as "Yaeshimer's syndrome")
Weakness in front foot height adjustment (treatable with orthotic feet, or much more cheaply, with a piece of wood)
Radios that are spoken to very sweetly over a long period of time may develop diabetes.
Decreased power output (health club for radios being developed).

All of these problems may be discussed any evening on various frequencies on 75m SSB.

73, Rich K2WR

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