[CQ-Contest] CQWW 2009 CW logs analysis available

Stan ua1out at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 08:17:31 PDT 2010


CQWW CW logs that are available publicly at http://www.cqww.com/cq-ww-cw-2009.htm have now been downloaded and parsed by the CQWW Analyser. Here is the link to the CQWW Analyser:


The database now contains almost 13 million QSOs from nearly 30.000 SSB and CW logs submitted in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

It is good to see a steady increase in the number of QSOs made every year. 2009 activity was up 12.5% compared to 2008 which is great.

It was disappointing not to find large logs from rare zones such as North East Africa. Even though the analyser could find QSOs in correspondents' logs I am not sure our double mults for Z34 for example will count towards the final score. Lets wait until UBNs are made public too.

The Analyser downloads, parses and verifies logs automatically. I made every effort possible to ensure that only 100% correct QSOs are included. The application rejected about 3% of 2009 QSOs which is a lot. I am sure CQWW contest committee applies less strict criteria. The most frequent problems in logs are:

1.	Zones are missing or zero
2.	Signal reports are missing or wrong (599 reports in SSB logs for example)
3.	Date of QSOs are invalid (not the last weekend of the month)
4.	Wrong mode (yes, there are guys who mixed CW with SSB and vice versa)

In case you did not know, and as proven by point 1, you should not really bother logging zones during CQWW at all. You can rely on the logging programme to fill the zone for you. Even if your win-test gets it wrong you are not going to be penalized. It would of course be a pity to miss a zone mult, so it is a good idea to check the log after the contest.

Again, the link with the latest 2009 CQWW analysis covering CW and SSB is available here:


VY 73 / CU TEST de EI6DX


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