[CQ-Contest] [3830] IARU IU0HQ Headquarters HP (bogus post)

Matt IZ3EYZ iz3eyz at virgilio.it
Sun Jul 25 17:36:44 PDT 2010

Hi all.

As I'm getting several questions privately, please understand that I did NOT 
post anything to 3830. Someone else did it using my call!
Due to several lucky circumstances I already know the author.
He's an Italian guy and is not related to iuxhq iaru 2010 operations 
although he did operate in 2009. As he subscribes to the private Italian hq 
mailing list some datas posted are the real ones (not the score obviously).

I kindly ask web sites and/or blogs (like f5utn for example) that started 
speculating about me, the iuxhq 2010 team and da0hq to remove their public 
I wish to thank 3830 list moderators for the prompt help as well. The score 
won't appear in the listings anyhow the bogus post can't be removed...thus 
just forget about it!

Thanks for reading


eyz  (the real one :-P) 

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