[CQ-Contest] 2.4 inch diameter Type 31 ferrite cores

Tod -MN tod at k0to.us
Tue Jul 27 07:34:57 PDT 2010

Based upon the first day's email of commitments to buy, the price per toroid
FOB New York is going to be $4.10 

The datasheet for this toroid [core] is at


If you are interested in participating advise me by email. I am NOT doing
this as a business endeavor, simply to see if I can help folks [including
me] get these cores at very desirable pricing. Don't forget that there will
be shipping expenses added to the price. We should be looking for shipment
to single points [such as clubs] to minimize those costs.

People have asked about using Pay Pal. I don't know just how we will manage
it, but I would expect that we will find a way to allow people to use Pay
Pal as an alternative to money orders or checks or cash.

I have no problem trying to solve the issue of shipment from the US to
overseas. It will be best if the shipments can be in 100 core units,
however. Fair-Rite packs cores in 100 unit shipping containers and that is
probably the best packing if we want to avoid damage in transit.

Tod, K0TO

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