[CQ-Contest] Use of CW decoders in contests - a contrarian opinion

Hank Greeb hgreeb at one.net
Tue Jun 1 11:35:04 PDT 2010

I ask - How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Seems like the thread about CW Decoders and their utility/futility is 
degenerating into the above question.

I personally think we need a new category, ØOMT AB  (That's zero 
operators Multi Transmitters, All Band).  The "owner" and legal control 
operator is sitting somewhere within paging distance of the rigs, and a 
computer is doing all the contacts with multiple stations on 160 thru 
daylight (or whichever the lowest wavelength band is allowed for the 
particular contest).  This was feasible for packet radio in the 90's (I 
did it when I operated Field Day, Class 1B1OP Battery, and had a few 
hundred bonus points, while operating CW QRP), so by now it should be 
possible with CW, RTTY. and other digital modes.

Or, we can stick to rules made for the 1950's and discourage people from 
even trying CW contesting.

73 de n8xx Hg

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