[CQ-Contest] TB-wires WPX category

Oleg Skydan sov1178 at rambler.ru
Fri Jun 4 08:03:32 PDT 2010

Hi, All!

How many elements the tri-bander can have to match this category?

Another question - the multi-element-multi-band quad antennas are 
very popular in the exUSSR. Usually such antennas use separate feeders
 for every band (so it looks like use of quads is illegal in this category). 
But some folks think if they put the switching box at the antenna boom it 
will be legal to use such antenna in the TB-wires category (they also think 
that there is no elements number limit). 

Can someone explain what the meaning of the "tri-bander" phrase in the WPX rules?

73 de UR3IQO

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