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Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at adinet.com.uy
Mon Jun 7 05:33:24 PDT 2010

Hi tree,

This is a particular contest with many guys that never participate in a
contest before and want to help to the HQ station be in the air.

So unfortunately CP4BT didn´t send his log to check.

And seems that if you not have the log is a mess, just see PY7OJ where you

   2 11  PY
   1 15  PY
   1 13  PY

But in this case you have the log to check.


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CX6VM writes:

> ----------------------
>  20CW  CP4BT : 14 should be 12
> CP has ITU 12 and 14. I don´t have the QSL here to check the ITU zone of
> CP4BT, but if it´s 14, why it has been removed?
>  15CW  PY7OJ : 11 should be 13
> 160CW  PY3PR : 11 should be 15
> In this case, what happens if this PY guys are just doing casual radio and
> don´t know the rules. They think they must send CQ zone instead of ITU
> So I put in my log 599 11 that is what I received. If PY7OJ send his log I
> think he send a log where he send in all cases 599 11.
> So why it´s removed? So you musnt't write what you received? And you must
> write in your log what must be the correct?
> This will not be a difference in our score or position, but will be good
> know from IARU the instructions on what we must log, if what we received
> what must be the correct exchange report.

The answer is simple.  I check the logs for the IARU contest.  How do I know
what these stations sent?  I have lots of information to determine that.  I
have the data in all of the received logs.  

In the cast of CP4BT - I have this data:

CP4BT 2 
   1 14  CP
   9 12  CP

This means one station had CP4BT in his log with zone 14 - and nine people
it with zone 12.  The software decided that zone 12 was the correct one and 
put CP4BT in the database with that zone.

PY3PR 2 
   5 15  PY
   1 11  PY

Similar situation - 5 people had zone 15 - one had zone 11.

PY7OJ 3 
   2 11  PY
   1 15  PY
   1 13  PY

In this case - the software on its own would have not made a decision about
the zone - however, PY7OJ sent in his log:

QSO: 21000 CW 2009-07-11 1900 PY7OJ         599 13     CX1AA         599 RCU
QSO: 14000 CW 2009-07-11 1905 PY7OJ         599 13     SK9HQ         599 SSA
QSO: 14000 CW 2009-07-11 1906 PY7OJ         599 13     ZW5HQ         599

Any questions?

Tree N6TR
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