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If the station doesn't send in a log, then the log checkers should give the
stations who did send one in the benefit of the doubt.

Even in cases where the wrong exchange (zone, state, whatever) appears to
have been sent, or a different zone at different times.

Simply because for all we know, the station that didn't send in the log DID
send what was logged when it was logged.  We don't know if the op sent the
wrong exchange by accident and corrected it; did it deliberately to muck up
the works; wasn't paying attention; or was giving a different number for
some unknown reason.

This would be akin to, for example, someone logging me in Sweepstakes,
copying WMA for my section, and the log checkers flag it because I live in
WPA... and I didn't bother to send a log in for a handful of contacts I made
when I was visiting a friend and had a few minutes to operate.

And those who "corrected" the exchange based on what the logging computer
said, well, they get away with the benefit of the doubt.  So it goes.


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So in the case of CP4BT 9 people logged what they thought was the right 
zone and 1 station logged what he sent? In the case of PY3PR only 5 
stations logged the correct zone and 1 logged what he sent.

Where the qso's with the wrong zone the first occurence of the stations 
in the log?


Tree schreef:
> CX6VM writes:
> The answer is simple.  I check the logs for the IARU contest.  How do I
> what these stations sent?  I have lots of information to determine that.
> have the data in all of the received logs.  
> In the cast of CP4BT - I have this data:
> CP4BT 2 
>    1 14  CP
>    9 12  CP
> This means one station had CP4BT in his log with zone 14 - and nine people
> it with zone 12.  The software decided that zone 12 was the correct one
> put CP4BT in the database with that zone.
> PY3PR 2 
>    5 15  PY
>    1 11  PY
> Similar situation - 5 people had zone 15 - one had zone 11.

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