[CQ-Contest] Public Logs, etc.? Who Cares?

Doug Smith dougw9wi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 17:46:59 PDT 2010

Ron Notarius W3WN wrote:
> Paul,
> You bring up an interesting point.
> If there are no "secrets" left (W2LC's very interesting post
> notwithstanding), then why is there such a push to mandate Open Logs?
> The only reason I seem to see, this go around at least, is so that we all
> "share" information with other contesters, new and old alike.


> So why can't I be asked?  (And that goes for everyone else, as well)  
> Is it because some find it too much of a bother to be courteous?

Quite possibly...

In all seriousness, I can see considerable logistical difficulty in keeping track of which logs are supposed to be closed & which are to be open.  And 
considerable bad blood if a simple mistake (as likely as not one made by the complainant...) results in a closed log being opened.

I suppose one solution is for someone to launch a 3rd-party site where those who wish their logs to be open can upload them.  Logs on that site 
wouldn't benefit from showing the results of logchecking though.


Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66

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