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Very true, but geography and propagation make that a pretty muddled picture.  In most DX contests where I'm trying to run Europe in the morning on 20m from here in Arizona, my biggest problem is trying to hear the replies through the East Coast QRM.  If I didn't have really narrow capability there would be no prayer of copying them, and since I have a tall mountain ridge directly west of me that makes Japan/Pacific marginal for me, Europe is my most fertile source of contacts.

While I'm firmly in the camp of those who decry bad manners on the bands, I guess I don't really understand some of the negative attitudes toward better technical capabilities expressed here by some.  Even if I didn't have a rig with narrow capability, I'd like for the guy on the other end to have one so that he could pick my callsign out of the chaos.  We'd all be better off and have more fun if everyone had clean signals (i.e., no phase noise and no key clicks) and receivers with knife edge bandpass.

I don't even buy the implication that better capability for some inhibits newcomers with lesser stations from joining the contesting ranks.  That's just counter intuitive.  More "slots" means more opportunity for activity, and narrower receiver bandwidths on the other end means more likelihood a weaker signal gets heard.  I guarantee that I am able to work FAR more weaker stations with my K3 than I did with my 756Pro, so I'm not the only one who benefits.

Dave   AB7E

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While you may be able to get within 200 Hz of the next run station with 
your shiny K3, don't forget that the guy on the other end probably 
doesn't have one.  He has to be able to copy you, too.

Barry W2UP


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