[CQ-Contest] Reverse Beacon Network - too much success?

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Mar 3 01:20:45 PST 2010

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From: "Barry" <w2up at comcast.net>

> Did you forget that the DX Cluster started and performed well
> for many years via Packet RADIO?

Packet Radio was just as inappropriate (as the internet) for
contesting because it used other, non-contest, modes and/or
frequencies to find or facilitate QSOs.

> Those who don't adapt often go the way of the dinosaurs.

In any activity we have to be careful not to adapt ourselves
out of business, or into an entirely different business.
That is the main reason competitive activities are subject
to self-imposed limits on technology.

  No wind-powered engines for sailboat racers.
  No webbed suits for ski-jumpers.

The list is endless.

With concurrent use of the internet, for the purpose of
finding or facilitating QSOs, many contesters have already
adapted themselves out of "amateur-radio" contesting.

What makes amateur radio so special that we should abandon
all technical constraints in our competitive activities?

Paul EI5DI 

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