[CQ-Contest] Reverse Beacon Network - too much success?

Marijan Miletic s56a at bit.si
Wed Mar 3 20:37:07 PST 2010

EI5DI wrote: No wind-powered engines for sailboat racers.

America Cup is the top boat race.  Last two years it was won by fast HB
catamaran.  Until Larry Ellison of Oracle fame got his USA patriotism hurt
and built with BMW trimaran using 100' sail and won it this year in Spain!

I often tell the story of my only visit to EI to DEC, Galway in 1980's.  We
arrived early and I asked hotel desk for chess set to cut time with a
friend.  Nice lady explained that they haven't got it with following words:
We are not that sophisticated!  In the meantime, computers play better chess
than humans, EU EI progressed greatly and even Northern Ireland is at peace.

ITU gives us free frequencies for propagation research and tech improvement!
CQ WW Extra category stimulates us to use the latest technology.  HPSDR has
nice Hermes project of third generation digital transceiver.  I prefer that
to going back to my 1972 K3 style 9 MHz IF homemade radio or Drake twins!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU

P.S.  There is nothing wrong with internet despite 30% pornography traffic!

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