[CQ-Contest] New CW ops

Marijan Miletic s56a at bit.si
Thu Mar 4 04:10:12 PST 2010

G3SXW wrote: This 1-to-1 mail bounced. Your ISP doesn't accept mail from the
biggest ISP in UK!

I thought KY1V problem was exclusively mine with a small S5 provider :-)

Roger documented nice increase of contest participants after abolishing CW
requirement for HF bands.  Most of the show on RTTY.  Even some OF using K3
keyer paddle.  It is unrealistic to expect hamlets to be top notch CW FOC as
they train on simulators with callsign and numbers only.  They are also
spoiled by many strong stations runing few kW and tones of aluminum.

However, they make my life easier to catch DX/mult some 100 Hz low with LP!

73 de Mario, S56A

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