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it is not right


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>> [LZ3ND spots]
>This has a log tradition. LZ3ND spots some juicy DX (usually known  
>calls with one letter wrong) on his own frequency and hopes for people  
>to click on the spot and work him.
>While this is intolerable unsportsmaklike conduct, and enough for a DQ  
>IMHO, it goes even further:
>In the 9ACW contest last December I noticed the same, a couple of  
>times. One of the spots was for "ZD8RS"; on the frequency of  
>CT7/LZ3ND. DXsummit confirmed that it was entered from a IP-address  
>from CT. Since this was the 3rd or 4th time that night that I fell for  
>a spot by LZ3ND, I got a little mad and spotted:
>DJ1YFK-@  7004.4 CT7/LZ3ND    not ZD8. Fake spot by LZ3ND.       0121 20 Dec
>And went back to my running frequency a few kHz higher. A few minutes  
>later, a station using the callsign "ZD8RS" (which does not exist)  
>called me! If you have heard LZ3ND's CW signal, you know the  
>characteristic sound he has. ZD8RS sounded very familiar, too. I was  
>baffled. Some people have no shame.
>73, Fabian DJ1YFK
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