[CQ-Contest] Band Edges

Richard F DiDonna NN3W nn3w at cox.net
Sun Mar 7 06:13:06 PST 2010

Hi Rick.  Owing to work commitments, I too am sidelined this year.  Been 
going and down the band spotting folks, and have noticed some folks waaay 
too close to the edges.  We really need to clean up this part of the act 
unless we want to give the Emcomm and 14.300 idiots plenty of ammunition.

BTW...It was very amusing to listen to 14.300 this morning and yesterday. 
Clearly, courtesy does not extend to the 14.300 ops.  6Y5RP just fired up 
right at 1200z.  Did not ask if the frequency was clear.  Did not ask if 
anyone else was nearby.  Simply fired up, declared that this was an 
"emergency center of activity frequency recognized in all three IRU 
regions," and demnded that other folks stay 3.0 KHz away on either side.

73 Rich NN3W
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> Not able to compete in the ARRL SSB test has me watching packet and
> Getscores from Europe while I have a break from work...what I find
> interesting is that a number of spots of US stations transmitting on 
> 14.348
> and above on USB.....the op's at NQ4I are not allowed to go above 14.347 
> on
> USB or below 7.128 on LSB.
> de Rick NQ4I
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