[CQ-Contest] arrl dx ssb spotting report

Wed Mar 10 16:32:39 PST 2010

There were 42574 spots in my database from this weekend.  This database from
the cluster and the excel 

spreadsheet of the dxsummit spots will be available about the same time as
this report at 


Most spotted:

DX	Count
D4C	332
W3LPL	303
K3LR	302
KH7X	278
KC1XX	276
V48M	248
TI5N	223
LP1H	222
ZW5B	221
6Y9V	216
VP5H	208
8P5A	207
CE4CT	202

Busiest Spotters:

Spotter	count
K6III		467
N6QQ		397
K3LR-4	366
W3LPL-4	361
KT4ZB		343
K5MV		335
W2NY		280
K1LZ		271
DJ1AA		257
W2IRT		256
EW4MM		248
N0UN		246
DK8NC		235
W6OAT		232
AA3B		222
F4DVX		218
W0AIH		217
W4EE		202


Cheerleader report:

What the columns mean:
Spotter = the spotting station
dx = the dx being spotted
spots = the number of spots the spotter made for the dx
total = the total number of spots the spotter made during the contest
pct = percentage of the total spots the spotter made for just that one dx

spotter	dx		Spots	Total	Pct
9A1CAZ	9A9T		50	50	100 (vhf/uhf)
S56P		S56P		19	19	100 yes, self spots.
SQ5FLP	SO5A		18	18	100 
HA3MV		HG10P		18	20	90  (vhf contest?)
DN4SB		DG1EA		17	17	100
ON4ORP	OR0A		16	18	88  
K6III		KH7X		16	467	3
UW7RV		UT7UV		14	16	87
SP9BGL	SQ9LOM	14	36	38  (some kind of special event?)
NO2R		XU7ACY	14	14	100
9A3PG		9A1C		14	14	100 (vhf contest?)
F6EXV		F8BBL		14	16	87

F6EXV and ON4ORP were listing needed states in many of his spots... how do
they know?

S56P spots for S56P were mostly commented 'cq arrl contest', so its not like
he wasn't in the contest or was just playing around.  And he even thanked at
least one station for their contact.

I wish all cheerleaders were like K6III, 16 spots for the same station,
especially dx on your doorstep, isn't so bad when you make 467 spots over
the 48 hours!


"Single Spotters" are stations who make only one dx spot in the whole 
contest weekend.  It is obviously fairly unusual for a contest operator 
who is active to make only one spot, many make 10's to 100's of spots 
during the weekend.  It is common for DX'ers to make a single spot for 
a rare dx station then turn off the radio, so lots of single spotters 
for rare stations is common, but they also get lots of contest spots 
from other stations.  The key here is the percentage of spots that are 
from 'single spotters'.  A high percentage can be a sign of the use of 
fake callsigns to spot yourself or a friend that you don't want to look 
like you are cheerleading for... in any case, the use of fake callsigns 
is an obvious sign of someone trying to deceive the world in one way or 

What the columns mean:
DX - the dx station being spotted
Total - the total spots for them in the weekend
All(%) - the total number of single spots and the percentage of the total
dxs(%) - the number of the total spots that came from dxsummit and the 
percentage of the total they are.  These are broken out because it is 
very easy for someone to put in fake callsigns on dxsummit and it has been 
a common source of abuse of the system.

DX		Total	All(%)		DXS(%)
D4C		332	21(6%)		6(1%)
IK2VFR	20	17(85)		0(0%)
HG0WFF	114	15(13%)		9(7%) (special event?)
EI9HX		64	14(21%)		14(21%)
V63MY		68	12(17%)		6(8%) (warc and cw)
JT1CO		59	12(20%)		5(8%)
C56KR		52	12(23%)		5(9%) (warc and non-contest)
Z21BB		60	12(20%)		3(5%) (warc and cw)
FG/F6BFH	50	11(22%)		1(2%) (cw)
KH7X		278	11(3%)		7(2%)
YN2EA		142	11(7%)		2(1%)
YP7P		14	11(78%)		0(0%)

IK2VFR Suspect Spotters

Spotter	Node	Comment
K5TFG		W1DX	7234
WD2WS		W1DX	arrl
K3GTY		W1DX	RX 7234
W8UH		W1DX	 
N8IK		W1DX	 

Mostly similar comments.
N2FYG, K5TFG, WD2WS, WA2EDR, K3GTY all don't exist.  I would need ip
Data from w1dx node to analyze further.
EI9HX suspect spotters

NY4D-@	14204.5.0	
KA1C-@	14205	
K3TC-@	14228	
K2OAK-@	14139	good luck
W9GIG-@	14143.5.0	
N6AQ-@	14184	
VE6GH-@	14125.5.0	
W4ET-@	14264.4.0	good luck
W5CF-@	14232	good luck
W5SV-@	14232	good luck
WX5DE-@	1423238	good luck
W2MA-@	14185.5.0	goog luck

wishing himself good luck?

IP from:
role:           Eircom Networks
address:        Eircom
address:        Bianconi Avenue
address:        Citywest, Dublin 24
address:        Ireland

YP7P Suspect spotters

Spotter	FromNode	Freq	Comment
AA2WY		F5LEN-7	21317	 
AA2WE		F5LEN-7	14347.6	 
W2AS		F5LEN-7	7159	 
WT2H		F5LEN-7	7152.5	 
KT5U		F5LEN-7	7186	 
W2AK		F5LEN-7	7188.9	 
WA3LBT	F5LEN-7	7158.5	 
KK1A		F5LEN-7	7123.5	 
EA3WT		F5LEN-7	14310.2	arrl
N2NAA		F5LEN-7	7152.5	 
WI4Z		F5LEN-7	7152.5	 

AA2WY, WA3LBT don't exist.  I would need ip info from f5len-7 for the
others to check further.

dxsummit spots for and by YO4RIU

YO4KBJ-@	7118	YO4RIU	7278
W1EBI-@	7107	YO4RIU	lsn 7274
YO8TOH-@	7080	YO4RIU	for ve
YO4RXX-@	7133	YO4RIU	lsn7284
N8TR-@	7105	YO4RIU	7242
W6AAN-@	7105	YO4RIU	7265
KZ2V-@	7184	YO4RIU	
VY2ZM-@	7184	YO4RIU	arrl
YO4RIU-@	7163	KC1XX	59++
YO4RIU-@	7186.5	N1LN	tnx

The ip comes back to:
role:           UPC Romania LIR
address:        62D, Nordului St.
address:        District 1, 014104
address:        Bucharest

There may be more self spotters in the dxsummit excel sheet, look for
the red or yellow highlighted blocks.  But there were so many special
events and other things going on that weekend that some of them are
hard to sort out.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt at arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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